The Jonny Hollywood Saga Part Two: The Pensacola Wildman

Part Two of The Jonny Hollywood Saga investigates Jonny’s experience as a wrestling manager in Pensacola, Florida. Apparently I wasn’t the only one terrified to accept a ride from him. His mode of transportation in Pensacola was a motorcycle with no brakes.

Suicide is far too common among wrestlers. Two of his friends and fellow PWA wrestlers Bob Govoni (Bobby “The Black Sheep” Doll”) and Will Daley (Maze) talk about their time working with Jonny. And former NWA undefeated champion Kevin Frazier discusses the toll wrestling took on his life, and how it almost led him down the same path as Jonny Hollywood.


Also, below is the video of Jonny Hollywood in his first installment of the House of Hollywood:

And a glimpse inside the PWA, one of my favorite matches that I watched. There’s another Jonny Hollywood interview part way through this clip:

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