The Jonny Hollywood Saga Part One: Along for the Ride

I met Jonny Hollywood in 2002–he picked me and my friend Chris up late one summer night in his white van. What should have been a five minute ride turned into a trek around the many landmarks that made up Jonny Hollywood’s life.

After a few near death moments, and after I fled the van in terror, I realized the story of that night would remain with me for years. So what happened to Jonny Hollywood?

The Jonny Hollywood Saga is a podcast that investigates the wild, unconventional, tragic tale of a man that survived countless near death experiences such as a fall from a ferris wheel, a tornado’s destruction of his house, years of drug and alcohol abuse, and a lengthy prison term. Nothing could kill Jonny Hollywood, until he took matters into his own hands.

In Part One, I tell my side of the story along with my college roommate Chris.

About Michael

Hello, I'm Michael Cullinane, a high school English and Journalism teacher presently working toward my Masters in Digital Storytelling, using every free moment to complete the revisions of my first novel.

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