My First iMovie

Having gotten started editing video in Premiere Pro, I couldn’t believe how easy and intuitive iMovie was to work with. My students in Broadcast Journalism won’t have access to Premiere Pro, so, on a lazy Saturday, I set off to learn iMovie in order to support them. Piecing together the video clips with title screens was as simple as it gets. The program is designed with storytelling in mind, so the producer can edit without much expertise.

After a few technical disasters with Premiere Pro, including some quirks that don’t make much sense, even to my professor, iMovie was relief. But it’s limited in what the user can do. I can’t divide audio between two tracks, can’t get as precise a cut,¬†and can’t do much of what I’m sure I’ll learn on Premiere Pro. But it’s easy and it makes for a fun, stress-free weekend project.

Below is the full length video I made. After a first round effort, I realized my thumb was in one section with the cat, and I was able to crop it out, possibly sacrificing the video quality. I tried to tell a story with the title screens, though I wish I could have gotten some audio to lay on top of the music. Despite the many jump cuts I have, I feel like this turned out pretty well, and I look forward to revisiting this first video after I’ve finished my semester in my video production class.

Also, even easier to use was the feature on iMovie called “Trailer.” When creating, it’s a option presented along with “Make a movie.” For the Trailer, all I had to do was place clips with times already designated for me in select spots. The feature helps choose the shots and has music pre-loaded. I almost felt bad this was so easy.

I’m looking forward to not only taking this program further, but also seeing what my students can do with it. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of interesting posts from me and the Broadcast class.

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Hello, I'm Michael Cullinane, a high school English and Journalism teacher presently working toward my Masters in Digital Storytelling, using every free moment to complete the revisions of my first novel.

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