Making videos can be, uh, fun!

Yes, making videos can be loads of fun, once you get the hang of it! The moment when you realized you forgot to white balance an entire three hour shoot–fun! And the drive home when you realize the microphone was off during an interview–a blast!

Yes, these two videos were the most frustrating to make–by a long shot–but they also provided me the most insight into how much I truly have to have my ducks in a row while doing the shoot.

The first video was an attempt to capture a game played by two irascible students in my class, Advanced Feline Appreciation. I’m embarrassed to speak much about the inspiration for this, but it was good natured. And the help I received from Tevion and Justin goes to show how the youth of today are often good-natured, kind, and willing to help a man with a distorted vision.

The second video posed a challenge because of my hatred for the movie we had to parrot, Napoleon Dynamite. I’ve heard the film quoted infinitum from students and even other teachers, and, much like Borat, I’d prefer it never born.

But, from the help of my wonderful wife and her wonderful friend, I made a pretty decent short film, again about cats. Notice the super-amazing Space Camp wear the ladies are modeling. True story–they were those kids that got to go to Space Camp, and they still brag about it!

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Hello, I'm Michael Cullinane, a high school English and Journalism teacher presently working toward my Masters in Digital Storytelling, using every free moment to complete the revisions of my first novel.

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