Interview with Hanlin Guo

The most challenging assignment thus far in my Digital Storytelling Masters program has been my interview with my classmate Hanlin Guo about her life-altering moment. Though I was able to do the real work that the professor required: have an interview with her, transcribe it, and pare it down to its essential core, I struggled with technical difficulties that made my final product suffer.

Mostly the audio weakens the product. I mic-ed Hanlin, but somehow got a really loud hum from the Senn broadcast studio.  So, I downloaded Adobe Audition in order to reduce the noise. This worked, but it ended up making Hanlin sound almost like an alien. I had to compromise by having a light hiss in the background.

Then three hours of work disappeared when Adobe crashed. I somehow kept my cool long enough to call Adobe and use their wonderful customer service. Through the challenges, they have been wonderful.

I really like how I edited the content of the video, and I’ll be interested to see if my professor agrees that I did it well. I could have had more backstory, but it’s tough to get a lot in two minutes. So, I limited the amount that Hanlin discusses her struggles with her “sister” and the fact that everyone in China praised her “sister” (actually her cousin, but with the One Child Law, they call each other sisters) more than her.

I definitely got a great resolution at the end, and the music treats the emotion well. Some of the pictures don’t overlap as well as they should, but at some point, I’ve found with every video I’ve done and will probably ever do, you simply have to do the best with the content you’ve got.

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Hello, I'm Michael Cullinane, a high school English and Journalism teacher presently working toward my Masters in Digital Storytelling, using every free moment to complete the revisions of my first novel.

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