Lost in the Habit

Lost in the Habit

Rewards are powerful because they satisfy cravings, but we’re often not conscious of the urges driving our habits in the first place.

–Charles Duhigg, from “How Companies Learn Your Secrets”

I was busier than I’d ever been. Busier than anyone had ever been. Ever.

How busy? Well, I worked full time as the only journalism teacher at my high school, which meant planning all the courses, learning video equipment that had way too many buttons, and hopefully maintaining an online presence that provided good press for the school. I also was taking two Masters classes that proved much more challenging than expected–a geezer trying to figure his way around the old interwebs.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, my wife and I had a baby in the middle of it. Though my boy’s provided only joy in my busy schedule, the stress of not getting to spend every waking moment with him drained me. Read More